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Blog time!

How does the weekend start for us? Well, some times it involves watching the sun set on a Friday whilst both we and our kids unwind before we start a movie night!

However, let us not detract from the busy goings on at Agar Bowles! A lot has happened since our last post...

Zoe, our brilliant, most top knotch organiser, took on the challenging role of chairing her school PTA. As many of you may have seen through LinkedIn, Zoe organised a fundraising event this summer with a circus performance for the local community! I can vouch, a LOT of hard work went in to the event and we're pleased to be able to say it was a complete success. Whilst not directly related to the work we do, as a business, we make time for community events as part of our CSR. The event raised a whopping £3115.00 for the school, an amazing achievement for all involved!

Unfortunately, the event was too busy to get any photos of Poppy in her hi-vis with her clip board! It has however given us an opportunity to consider our retirement plan...


Agar Bowles & the 9001

As many of you may know, we embarked on our own journey to gain our ISO 9001 certificate this year. We firmly believe that if we're providing this service, we should be certified too.

As part of this journey, we have engaged with a provider and will shortly begin implementing our ERP. This will help us improve our service delivery and scheduling, and is something we are very excited about!

Talking of software, we've also engaged with another platform provider for Health & Safety and Environmental services to further bolster our resource. This will help us with the automation and update of legal registers, tracking of upcoming legislation changes and quick reference tools that can support our retained clients.

Of course, once we achieve certification, we will be shouting at the top of our voices from the roof top to let everyone know, so watch this space!

And last, but by no means least... Zoe is starting a project (not just the crochet underwear) - explainer videos! Agar Bowles now has it's own YouTube channel, and Zoe will be posting videos that explain the standards, terminology and busting some of those myths and more commom misconceptions around management systems. Here's the link to the first video - - be sure to check it out, and obviously we can't forget the all important like and subscribe!

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