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Where did that year go?!

Has it really been 21 months since we last posted a newsletter?! Here we are, half way through our second summer holiday period since we launched!

It's been a really busy period for us as a new business, not only managing our clients services, but also improving us.

So, what's new?

Well, we're rolling out health & safety services! We didn't want to open the floodgates before we were ready, and now we are. Steve has joined our sub-contracting team to support our safety clients. Steve is very much like us. The downside? Because we love what we do and every day is a school day, we end up talking too much! More homework for us when we have to carry on with our write up outside of hours - you would think we would know better! We're now able to offer comprehensive safety support for clients and will be rolling out more of an update on our services page soon, drop us a line if there's anything you think we could help with. Here's a questionnaire about competent persons to get you started -

We've been putting a lot of time into system upgrades to make ourselves more efficient and improve service delivery to our clients. We've invested heavily this year in our resources. Ailisha has broadened her skill set by qualifying in 14001, so more of our clients will be seeing her. And we're investing in software. It may not be standard for our industry, but it will help us strengthen our service delivery and communications.

Watch this space... we're aiming to achieve our own 9001 certificate this year too! Whilst 14001 and 45001 are not on the cards for certification yet, the foundation for the framework is there and we'll be practising what we preach for the environment and safety.

There's more to come, and we'll post that on our next update!

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