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Working safely after Covid-19

How are we working now?

Covid has shaped a new working practise for many companies, with working from home and family commitments being much more widely accepted. We adapted the way we worked during the Covid-19 pandemic, and some of those practises remain with us as we move forward and our services grow. 

Blended Auditing

We continue to offer blended auditing where feasible to do so, and if our clients are happy to work this way. We continue to follow site procedures, and take precautionary measures to protect both your staff and ours. We will spend as much, or as little, time on site as required; ensuring that we are minimising the chance of carrying any virus, not just Covid. 

Certification Body Audit Hosting

The environment for external audits are also changing again, with emphasis returning to on-site visits. We continue to work with your designated Certification Body to host the annual audit, and again, this may take the form of a full on site visit, or a blended approach. We will liaise with the Certification Body ahead of the audit date to confirm the arrangements for the day.

Remote Management System Implementation

Alongside remote/blended auditing, we have had great success and feedback from remote management system implementation. We will continue to offer a remote/blended approach during the implementation stage of your journey where feasible. 

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