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Working safely with Covid-19

What are we doing to protect our clients?

We have all had to learn to work differently since March 2020, and the way we approach our work with our clients has changed to fit today's 'normal'. All members of our team are vaccinated. Each client has their own site procedures, and we work to your requirements. We will check what your procedures are with you prior to entering your premises, and will take precautionary measures for both the safety of your staff and for ourselves. 

Blended Auditing

We have adapted our auditing methods and fully embraced remote and blended auditing where possible. There are requirements for site audits to be carried out for particular standards, and we will discuss this with you at the time of booking. The benefit to blended auditing is the ability to meet the requirements to remain compliant, whilst minimising face to face contact with staff members and the need to use client facilities, therefore reducing the potential for transmission of the virus.

Certification Body Audit Hosting

There has been much disruption to auditing schedules throughout the pandemic, and Certification Bodies are now also taking a blended or remote approach with annual audits. We work closely with all the external auditors that provide services to our clients, and will work with them within the parameters and restrictions that are in place at the time of your audit. We facilitate hosting of audits remotely as well as on site, and where necessary will host in both situations where a site attendance is necessary and the audit spans more than one day.



Remote Management System Implementation


Alongside remote/blended auditing, we have had great success and feedback from remote management system implementation. We aim to reduce the number of days on site to reduce the risk of transmission, and will take the implementation at a speed to suit your business and resources.