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Health & Safety

Health & safety is not all about red tape. Many of the legal obligations a company has as an employer protect not only their workforce, but the business itself too. It can be a daunting task keeping on top of the required documentation, particularly for small and new businesses. Health & safety is an investment - if you have good foundations, it can only improve.

Health & Safety Support

We offer differing levels of support to our ISO & SSiP clients, and the type of support we offer is influenced by varying factors. Your company may have dedicated health & safety resources and need occasional support. Maybe there isn't the capacity to sustain such resources internally and your company needs to utilise external support to stay compliant. Our support can also be tailored - we'll be happy to talk through what you have and what you need so you can make the best, informed decision for your business.

Competent Persons

It's important that your company has access to and can receive advice from someone known as a Competent Person.

If engaged for support services, the relevant credentials will be provided to your organisation. Health & safety covers a vast range of areas, so if you have a specialist requirement, we will discuss this with you and maintain complete transparency. If it's something we don't specialise in, it's highly likely we'll know someone that does.

We've developed a quiz to help you assess if you have the right support in place - click the button below to start!


"Health & safety is all red tape nonsense that impacts my ability to get the job done"

One of the biggest barriers in a company around health and safety is the buy in from their staff. What most people fail to see if that buy in from staff to see beyond the 'red tape' of health and safety is actually down to the health and safety culture of the organisation.


Negligence can be presented by both employers and employees. Legislation doesn't only protect employees from negligent employers, but also protects companies from negligent employees too.

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