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Meet The Team

Heading 3

The Wellbeing Team


Client Quality Control

Client meetings. Internal meetings. Anything remotely quality and service related, Rolo attends all types of meeting ensure that the company standards are upheld, and our clients receive the best value service. 

If he finds any issues, he quickly makes it known with a swift flick of his tail in Zoe's face, or a highly disgruntled stare.

Also known to be a mouse, keyboard, desk and chair thief, this seemingly innocent character has no issue making his presence known!

Max 1_edited.jpg

Mental Health First Aider

What can we say about Max? 

Not the most senior of the team, but certainly the most sensible, most of the time.

This boy has an incedible sense of when he is needed and can often be found sneaking under the desk and placing his head ever so gently in your lap, working those puppy dog eyes like a pro!

Max is renowned for breaking himself when he's had a hoolie on a walk, at which point we return the favour and become his emotional support humans. 


Head of Security

Casper heads up our site security, and for good reason. Despite being the oldest of the team, this boy can hear so much as an ant fart outside of the building.

Also known as a sock stealer, this boy is famous for always carrying something in his mouth - good job we keep the crochet underpants hidden!

Although he spends much of day sleeping, Casper is always on guard ensuring that we are safe, and is desperately trying to train the CHO as his replacement in preparation for his retirement.

IMG_6562 1.jpg

Chief Happiness Officer

Also known as Chaotic House Pirahna. In fact, this labradorable little face is known by many names within the business, often causing havoc in those hours that he isn't sleeping. 

He has a narrow skillset at the moment, specialising in cuddles, chewing and raiding bins, so Lauren spends much of her time chasing him around trying to retrieve the latest item he has stolen. 

He has made an appearance in a few meetings now and has never failed to bring smiles to the faces of all those that he meets!

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